Meet Rear View Mirror

Rear View Mirror is the northwest's premier 60s musice review, covering all genres from that fantastic decade.  For great memories, reunions, themed events or just a fun fun fun experience, rvm has you covered.  We are: 

John Paredes - Keys/Vocals -  Influenced by his family's Hollywood roots and musically trained, John brings a wide breadth of talent  and musical talent to rvm.  Along with backing vocals and  keys, John serves as RVM's musical director.

DREW Schneider - Guitar/Vocals - DREW is an accomplished guitarist who has offered his talents to several well known NW acts, most recently Triple Shot!   

Valerie Hudson - Lead Vocals - Valerie brings energy, fun and excitement to RVM.  Her vocal versatility is perfect for expressing the wide range of music represented by RVM's play list.   

Dave Lavin - Bass/Vocals - The bands "manager", Dave is co-founder of RVM.  Dave has played all styles of pop, funk and rock music over the years, but loves bringing 60s memories to our audiences.

Dan Grant - Lead male vocals - formerly with Cream tangeine, for many years the area's premier beatles cover band, Dan is a seasoned front man and proven force on vocals.

John Leinhard - Drums/Vocals - John lays it down, faithfully replicating the percussion/drums of the era.  In addition, he provides lead and backing vocals.