Meet Rear View Mirror

Rear View Mirror is the northwest's premier 60s music review, covering all genres from that fantastic decade.  For great memories, reunions, themed events or just a Fun Fun Fun experience, RVM has you covered.  We are: 

John Paredes - Keys/Vocals - Influenced by his family's Hollywood roots and musically trained, John brings a wide breadth musical talent to the band.  Along with backing vocals and keys, John serves as RVM's music director.

Tim Mushen - Guitar/Vocals - Formerly with Creme Tangerine, the NW's number 1 Beatles cover band, Tim is very experienced performing music from our favorite decade.   

Valerie Hudson - Lead female Vocal - Valerie brings energy, fun and excitement to RVM.  Her vocal versatility is perfect for expressing the wide range of music represented by RVM's play list.   

Dave Lavin - Bass/Vocals - Co-founder of RVM, along with John P.  Dave has played all styles of pop, funk and rock music over the years, but especially loves bringing the music of his youth to our audiences.

Tim Monaghan - Lead male vocal - As the tenor voice in his other band, Wasted Away (CSN&Y tribute), Tim brings the perfect vocal element to RVM.  The term blue-eyed soul fits here, as he possesses both.   

John Leinhard - Drums/Vocals - John faithfully replicates the percussion/drums needed for each RVM song.  As front man in other bands and can handle lead vocals as well, serving as our designated screamer.