Meet Rear View Mirror

Rear View Mirror is made up of experienced and dedicated musicians who love recreating the fun and groovy vibe of the 60s.  We are:

John Paredes - Keys/Vocals -  Influenced by his family's Hollywood connections and musically trained, John brings a breadth of talent and musical knowledge to RVM.  Along with backing vocals, John is skilled at adding whatever instrumentation is needed to create whatever sound RVM needs.  John also serves acts as RVM's musical director.

Rick Erickson - Guitar/Vocals - With decades of experience performing, Rick is an accomplished musician and has provided guitar tech skills to both NW and national acts.  He's a tone freak and, while he can impress with his soloing abilities, is very comfortable providing the perfect background for vocal/pop.  

Valerie Hudson - Lead Vocals - Valerie brings energy, fun and excitement to RVM.  Her vocal versatility is perfect for expressing the wide range of music represented by RVM's play list.   

Dave Lavin - Bass/Vocals - The bands "manager", Dave (along with John) is co-founder of RVM.  A child of the 60s who apparently never grew up, Dave has played all styles of pop and rock music over the years but  loves bringing the 60s sound to our audiences.

John Leinhard - Drums/Vocals - John lays it down, faithfully replicating the percussion/drums of the era.  In addition, he provides lead and backing vocals.  Jeff also pounds the skins for America vinyl and his mellencamp band (that he fronts).